• Montez Renault - No. 21 Daily Moisturizing Shampoo - $17.00

    Gentle but effective, Montez Renault’s moisturizing shampoo cleanses away grease without stripping hair or scalp. Wheat Tein W & Pro Vitamin B5 work as a team to repair & strengthen hair.

  • Montez Renault - No. 26 Daily Moisturizing Conditioner - $17.00

    Designed to pair with No. 21 Daily Moisturizing Shampoo, this moisturizing conditioner is light weight & makes hair easily manageable. Hydrating organic hops, argan, jojoba & sweet almond oils help to de-frizz hair leaving you well groomed.

  • High Life Voodoo Brew Pomade - $10

    Great for all hair types, High Life’s Voodoo Brew give a strong hold that allows for easy molding & maximum shaping performance. Tinted darker, this shampoo allows naturally dark hair to avoid appearance of flakes.

  • Evolution Man – Nu Noir Face & Body Wash - $36.00

    Minimize fine lines on your face & body with Evolution Man’s Nu Noir. Made with ultra-pure Glycolic & Salicylic acids, this was sweeps away dirt and debris. In addition to smoothing your skins texture, when used on your face, it lifts beard hairs for an extra close shave.

  • Evolution Man – Resurfacing Clay Mask - $48.00

    Sulfate, paraben, fragrance & dye free, this resurfacing clay mask will cleanse & tighten your pores. Watch your skin instantly brighten & feel rejuvenated after using this deep clarifying formula.

  • Razor MD Sandalwood Rx Shaving Cream - $16.00

    Sandalwood Razor MD Rx Shave Cream protects your skin against razor burn and post-shave irritations. It will soften your beard to ensure that you get a close and precise shave as it helps you easily remove even the most unruly hairs. The woodsy sandalwood is crisp, clean and will leave you feeling invigorated. Made with plant extracts that heal your skins layers, this shave cream will act as a protective conditioner that will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized after use.

  • Beaver Wood right Pre-Shave Oil - $12.00

    Soften your facial hair & moisturize your skin with Beaver Woodright’s pre-shave oil. This artisan blend will protect your skin from burns & cuts.

  • Muhle Organic Aftershave - $34.00

    Organically crafted from raw plant materials, Muhle’s aftershave is perfect for dry shaving. This aftershave will relieve any irritation while moistening, nourishing and refreshing skin.

  • Wet Shaving Products Boar Bristle Shaving Brush - $15.99

    This high density brush is made of the 90% tops premium boar hair & has a light wood handle. The hair is finished to a very high level. WSP’s brush is pre-broken in & ready to lather up with Razor MD’s Sandalwood Shaving Cream.

  • Feather Blades - $6.00 - Ten Pack

    Japenese made, Feather's stainless steel blades are known for being some of the sharpest blades on the market. Crafted with a platinum coating, these blades will fit in most double edge razors.