• Billy Jealousy Fuzzy Logic Shampoo - $22.00

    Made to pair with the Cashmere Coat Conditioner, Fuzzy Logic is crafted with menthyl lactate and peppermint oil, which helps block DHT buildup on the scalp for healthier, stronger hair.

  • Billy Jealousy Cashmere Coat Conditioner - $22.00

    Cashmere Coat Conditioner is peppermint infused with DHT blockers, helping to strengthen hair, while delivering volume and hydration.

  • Evolution Man Cleanse & Shave - $27.00

    Great for travel, this two-in-one brushless cleanser and shaving cream is a great product for men on the go. Perfect for a shave at the gym or in your hotel room.

  • Astra DE Blades - 10 pack - $3.50

    Trying new blades is important, as they work differently for everyone. This month we want you to try Astra, a part of the Gillette Company. Astra is highly rated due to their superior blades, which are made out of the highest quality steel, giving you an irritation-free shave.

  • Balla Powder Original Formula - $17.00

    Balla’s Italian talc powder has a subtle masculine fragrance that battles chaffing and clammy skin. Stay dry, comfortable and smelling fresh all day long.

  • Baxter Daily Face Wash - $17.00

    This coconut-derived mild facial cleanser is suitable for all skin types and contains soothing ingredients including aloe vera and ginseng. This fragrance-free daily face wash removes excess oil and dirt without stripping away essential moisture from the skin.

  • Soap Commander Endurance Shave Soap - $15

    Reminiscent of the 1938 Shulton Company version of the original Old Spice aftershave, this shave soap has a complex aroma of spices and woodsy accents. This handcrafted shave soap provides a generous lather and pairs well with the Fine aftershave.

  • Game Day Pre-Shave Invigorating Scrub - $22.75

    This invigorating scrub allows for skin exfoliation and pre-shave preparation all in one. Use this before shaving to exfoliate and prepare your skin for your shave.

  • Mr. Fine American Blend After Shave - $14.99

    A favorite amongst the shaving community! Fine’s American blend premium fragrance is sophisticated, yet masculine. This scent evokes the unmistakable “barbershop” quality that will leave you feeling ‘fine’ all day long.

  • Nail Clippers - $9.99

    Grooming is about more than just shaving your face and doing your hair. Make sure to cover all the bases by adding these nail clippers to your arsenal of grooming tools.

  • Fresh Richie Men’s Wipes - 10 pack - $9.95

    Included in October’s box, Fresh Richies are portable and discreet men’s wipes. As a popular favorite, we included a complimentary two-pack for everyone! Let us know what you think of our wipes.