• Regenepure Biotin Conditioner - $25.00

    Promote growth, add volume & strengthen your hair with this intense volumizing biotin conditioner. made with biotin, tea tree oil, jojoba oil and keratin, these top quality ingredients condition and strengthen hair from root to tip. Use with the complete line of Regenepure products for best results.

  • St. James Cedarwood and Clarysage Post Shave - $35.00

    This alcohol-free , hydrating post shave gel won't leave any sticky residue and finishes with a light, pleasant aroma of cedarwood and clarysage, Only a small amount is needed to hydrate the skin without feeling greasy, making your skin feel soft and soothed.

  • Dr. Rubin's Batch 36 - $10.00

    Once it's gone, it's gone! This limited edition run pomade from the famous Dr. Rubin's features a firm grip and an earthy, yet sweet scent. Made with beeswax and all natural ingredients, this pomade is ideal for crafting the perfect style every day.

  • The Gentlemen's Refinery Black Ice Shave Cream - $28.00

    Only 100% natural and certified organic ingredients make it into the Gentlemen's Refinery Black Ice Shave Cream. While you're enjoying the scent of anise and bergamot, the rich lather elevates and softens your beard for a close and comfortable shave.

  • Billy Jealousy White Knight - $20.00

    This award winning facial cleanser is the last one you'll ever need. Papaya and willow bark extracts exfoliate dead skin, while apple amino acids clean and purify without removing essential oils. Free of colorants, parabens, and artificial fragrances.

  • MLA Multivitamin Serum - $85.00

    Look younger today with this anti-wrinkle cream from the skin savants at MLA skincare. This miracle formula reduces the appearance of fine lines, under-eye circles, and puffiness, while leaving skin feeling supple yet firm.

  • Barberry Havana Balm - $39.00

    Light and non-greasy this certified vegan aftershave moisturizer is formulated with vitamin E for hydration and menthol for a touch of cool. Let the aroma of tobacco leaf, cocoa beans, and vanilla transport you to a classic Havana.

  • Captain's Choice Bay Rum Shave Soap - $14.95

    Enjoy the classic Captain's Choice Bay Rum scent in a rich lather that makes every shave one of a kind. made in the USA with top quality ingredients, this shave soap will infiltrate your daily routine and stay there for good.

  • Elvado Fragrance-Free Shave Soap - $18.00

    Shave without disturbing your face or the Earth. Elvado Bio-Pure Shave Soap is made with 100% natural, biodegradable certified organic ingredients. This shave soap is free of synthetic chemicals, parabens, dyes and fragrances. Scent-free, so you can use this soap on a camping trip and the bears will never know.

  • Shark DE Blades 10 Pack - $4.50

    World renowned Shark Super Stainless blades stay sharp through many shaves and are famous for their smoothness. These blades fit in almost any safety razor, making them perfect for all levels of shavers from beginners to collectors.

  • Fresh Richie Men's Wipes - $9.95

    Portable and discreet, these cleansing wipes can be used anywhere on your body to neutralize odor and soothe the skin. Small enough to fit in your pocket, carry these wipes with you everywhere for constant freshness.