• Billy Jealousy Liquid Sand Cleanser - $24.00

    Start the day right by getting rid of yesterday?s grime. This exfoliating facial cleanser from Billy Jealousy will wash away everything you don?t need without drying out your skin.

  • Croma Diamant Blades 10 Pack - $5.50

    These German made stainless steel blades deliver the close, comfortable shave you desire. These blades fit in almost any DE safety razor

  • Dr. Brandt PNM Vacuum Cleaner - $45.00

    The skin savants at the world renowned Dr. Brandt skincare bring you this exfoliating mask that helps get rid of blackheads. This formula loosens blackheads, absorbs oils, and tightens pores for a clearer, more youthful appearance.

  • High Life Water Based Pomade - $10.00

    Hold your hair today without gunking up your pillow tonight. This water based pomade from High Life (DAX) features the hold you need with the shine you crave. When you?re done looking awesome for the day, just shampoo away.

  • Luxury Barber Comb - $3.99

    Straighten out your do, class up your ?stache, or tame your face mane with this versatile comb from Luxury Barber. Keep one in your car, desk, or back pocket for a quick style fix anywhere, any time.

  • Stirling Soap Company Barbershop Splash - $15.00

    Heal and soothe naturally with witch hazel, aloe, and glycerin. The scent of this splash is a subtle reminder of the barbershop, where men go to elevate themselves.

  • Stirling Soap Company Ozark Mountain Shave Soap - $11.75

    This tallow based shave soap by Stirling is made with all natural ingredients and is free of harsh chemicals and dyes. Lather up your favorite brush and have a great shave that finishes with the woodsy, somewhat spicy scent of the Ozarks.

  • Fresh Richie 10 Pack - $9.95

    Always fresh, always ready. That?s the mantra to live by and these boys will help you help your boys. Keep a Fresh Richie in your back pocket to stay ready for anything, and anyone.

  • Tiki The Captain After Shave Balm - $20.00

    Heal and soothe that razor burn the right way. This balm is made with premium organic ingredients such as unrefined argan oil, jojoba oil and green tea extract. A touch of menthol adds a special something to the unique scent of cherry tobacco, molten lava, and ozone.

  • Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula - $18.00

    Do we need to say it? This shave formula from Baxter of California will give you that slick, comfortable feel during every pass. Get a super close shave every day. No brush needed.