• Col. Conk Lavender Shave Cream -$16.00

    Not your mom's lavender. Enjoy bolder, muskier lavender and a great shave with Col. Conk Rio Grande Lavender shave cream. This ultra-luxurious shave cream is packed with natural, premium ingredients that combine to provide a thick, rich, and protective lather that feels and smells amazing.

  • Fine Platinum Aftershave - $15.00

    Fine, makers of some of the most sought after splashes, brings you the modern classic; Platinum. The scent is inspired by Creed Aventus, and features a spicy pineapple top note with a smoky oak moss base note.

  • Game Day Aftershave Soothing Balm - $25.00

    Save your face from razor burn and irritation with this soothing aftershave balm from Game Day. This premium blend soothes, heals, and moisturizes with a light menthol kick that is equally relieving and refreshing.

  • John Allan's Mint Conditioner - $20.00

    A delightful peppermint scent accompanies powerful conditioning in this Mint conditioner by John Allan's. This conditioner is great for all hair types and pairs great with John Allan's Thick and Sport Shampoos.

  • John Allan's Smoothe Styling Cream - $18.00

    Condition your hair with this silky smooth styling cream that hydrates using honey, milk proteins, aloe, and carrot root extracts. Great for all hair types as a lightweight flexible styler, or combined with your favorite pomade for a signature look.

  • John Allan's Sport Conditioning Shampoo - $18.00

    This hydrating cleanser is mild enough for daily use and is recommended for normal to dry hair. Formulated with wheat protein to strengthen and protect, while Pro-Vitamin B5 reinforces the moisture balance of that magnificent mane, Man.

  • Montez Renault 3-in-1 Performance Wash - $20.00

    Lathering up with this award-winning and extremely versatile 3-in-1 is a great way to start your day. Just apply your desired amount evenly, head to toe for a complete and total clean that doesn?t leave skin dry or feeling tight.

  • St. James Cedarwood and Clarysage Shave Cream - $25.00

    This shaving classic provides a thick and comfortable lather that is scented of cedarwood and clary sage. A truly unique and regal experience is guaranteed every time you lather up with St. James of London.

  • Towel Dry Mid-Styler - $18.00

    You just want something that will hold all day, look great, and not pull your hair out or leave your pillow covered in gunk. This pomade was designed with you in mind. Not too loose, not too firm, and will wash out after holding your do down all day long.

  • Treet Platinum Blades 10-Pack - $3.00

    These coated, stainless steel follicle cleavers provide superior sharpness for a comfortable tug-free shave. Designed and manufactured in Pakistan, these blades last longer and provide a smoother shave than uncoated blades.

  • Luxury Barber Synthetic Shaving Brush - $30.00

    What you need and what you want in one handsome package. This fine synthetic shaving brush from the experts at Luxury Barber can help you whip up the richest, most luxurious lather possible out of your favorite, or soon-to-be favorite shave formula. This brush is free of animal products, and is built to last a lifetime with the right care.

  • Fresh Richies - 10-pack - $9.95

    Always fresh, always ready. That?s the motto and the best way to true to it is by making sure your carrying a Fresh Richie at all times. Keep one in your desk, pocket, car, and wallet for a quick clean up whenever and wherever the situation may arise.