• Soap Commander Integrity Aftershave Balm - 4oz - $12.00

    Providing cooling relief while nourishing the skin after your morning shave, this perfectly mentholated aftershave balm will be your secret weapon. Once you're done grooming, work a little into your skin and experience the soothing sensation.

  • Red Leaf English Coast Shower Gel - 6oz - $9.50

    Experience a luxurious, whole-body cleanse with this artfully crafted English Coast shower gel by Red Leaf Soaps. Lather, wash, and rinse for an invigorating morning shower.

  • Davy Jones Pieces of Eight Beard Oil - 1oz - $20

    A man has needs and so does his beard! Condition your facial hair with this unique formula from Davy Jones. This blend is made from jojoba, apricot and other nourishing oils that creates a leathery, masculine aroma.

  • High Life Voodoo Brew II - 3.5oz - $11.50

    This premium hair dressing from High Life provides a heavy yet malleable hold and shine for days. As an added bonus, this pomade doesn't wash out, and those extra ten extra minutes of sleep in the morning matter.

  • Menaji 3-in-1 Clear Shave - 1oz - $10

    Enjoy a waterless shave that doesn't skimp on protection. Clear formula makes it easy see your stubble for an even closer shave. Apply several pumps to the skin and shave as usual.

  • Billy Jealousy Sculpt Friction - 3oz - $16.00

    You need the right tools to sculpt your masterpiece. This fiber paste from Billy Jealousy gets all your hair to cooperate together. A little shine, a lot of hold. Rapidly rub a dab between hands and run hands through towel dry hair. Style and conquer your day.

  • Fresh Richie - 10 pack - $10

    The well-to-do man finds himself in an ever expanding world of unique and challenging situations. Make sure you're ready for all of them by keeping a Fresh Richie at arm's reach. The small, discreet packaging fits virtually everywhere, whether in your pocket, wallet, or desk drawer. The towel provides a refreshing clean feeling to your important parts.

  • Croma Diamant DE Blades - 10 pack - $5.50

    These German made stainless steel blades deliver the close, comfortable shave you desire. These blades fit in almost any DE safety razor.

  • Montez Renault - No. 05 Shaving Cream - $20

    Free of chemical propellants, this No. 05 Shaving cream provides a smooth lather with nourishing fatty acids, top grade coconut oils and silk-based amino acids. Jojoba oil & a blend of inflammation-arresting antioxidants will leave you with a close shave & nourished skin.

  • 10$ Gift Card for LB.com - $10.00

    We appreciate you! So, to show our gratitude, here's $10 to spend on LuxuryBarber.com on anything you want. Now you can test out that Baxter of California Exfoliating Body Wash you've been peeping at.