• TowelDry- Thickening Shampoo - $14.00

    This month's full size product comes from TowelDry & is specially designed to thicken your hair.Working from root to tip, this shampoo is infused with Aloe Vera extract to pacify the scalp, while Jojoba Seed Oil repairs damage. With continued use, you can expect this sulfate-free shampoo to bring back volume to your locks, while making your hair look thick, healthy, clean and conditioned.

  • Balla Powder- Tingle - $17.00

    Balla Powder is a multifaceted powder that is formulated to tackle irritation caused by chaffing and clamminess. Ground from mineral talc, this silky smooth talcum powder has a refreshing masculine oak scent and is perfect for any part of the body. This unique formulation also give a nice tingly sensation.

  • High Life - Light Pomade - $11.50

    The High Life Pomade Light is a perfect hair styling formula that shapes and sculpts thinner hair into your favorite hair style. This light hold works to lock in your desired shape without being too heavy or strong on the scalp.This pomade does not wash out and contains Emu Oil to strengthen your hair strands from top to bottom. Eliminate the greasy feeling and deliver shine with this slick, solid pomade.

  • Dominello Shave Cream - $17.00

    Dominello shave cream with essential Fatty Acids & Vitamin B5 provides a lather which enables the razor to glide smoothly on your skin. This minimizes razor cuts, burns and friction when shaving. Dominello shave cream is specially designed for shaving in the shower. This shaving cream contains emollients and antioxidants which leave your skin hydrated, healthy and irritation free.

  • Grim- Smolder Pre Shave - $13.00

    Embrace the much loved Smolder scent with the Smolder Pre Shave Oil created by Grim. The oils in the product soften and lift stubble, creating an overall luxurious feeling and comforting shave.Not only will you be left with noticeably softer skin, but your razor will work a little easier when doing its job.

  • Grim- Smolder Aftershave - $14.00 I May 2015

    The Smolder Aftershave Oil is specially formulated to provide a sense of completion at the start of the day. Containing the same amazing scent as the Smolder Pre Shave Oil, this product leaves the scent of a campfire on your face, without the burning sensation. Instead of leaving the shaving ritual less than perfect, add this oil that is chock full of witch hazel and aloe vera juice to fight those unwanted bumps and infuriating irritation.

  • Menaji Aftershave - $34.00

    Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated, this aftershave helps increase the skin’s natural moisture level while minimizing wrinkle lines. This lightweight aftershave will protect your skin while Aloe prevents ingrown hairs and redness without the irritating sting from other alcohol-based aftershaves.

  • Big Ben Double Edge Razors - $30.00

    Big Ben Double Edge razor blades are the perfect solution for the close, precise shave you desire. These blades are a favorite among barbers and consumers alike for good reason – they are durable, high quality and very affordable.Manufactured in Egypt, these Stainless Steel blades are polymer-coated to provide smoothness in every stroke with a long-lasting sharpness.

  • MLA Power Cream - $125.00

    This powerful anti-aging AHA free formula from MLA skincare is the most potent defense against skin aging. The cream consists of powerful ingredients which hydrate, nourish and prevent the skin from damage from direct sunlight. This ant-aging cream is formulated with plant extracts, vitamins, moisturizers and antioxidants.


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