• Proraso - Green Shaving Cream Tube - $12.00

    This Proraso Green Shaving Soap in a tube is ideal for the traveling gentleman who refuses to compromise a freshly shaven face.

  • Game Day - Moisturizer - $32.75

    Your skin is one of your best assets, so take the right step in protecting it by adding Game Day Moisturizer to your skincare regimen.

  • Barberry Coast - Bay Rum Aftershave - $39.00

    Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28 comes in a frosted glass bottle of 4oz volume. Each bottle is handcrafted with the purest ingredients that leave your skin refreshed, moisturized and toned.

  • The Blades Grim - Smolder Beard Oil - $20.00

    Perhaps your beard care isn't quite what you're looking for. Try adding the Smolder Beard Oil by The Blades Grim. Immerse yourself in memories of campfires and roasted marshmallows with only a few drops, and give your beard the attention it deserves.

  • Fresh Richie Men's Wipes - $9.95

    A noble man needs to stay fresh at all times. Fresh Richie cleansing towelettes are specially designed for gentlemen with busy lifestyles who are constantly on the go.

  • Personna Platinum Chrome DE Razor Blades - $4.75

    Personna platinum Chrome Double Edge Razor Blades are packed in a set of 10. This set of blades are made of high quality chrome steel which are electronically controlled when wet shaving.

  • Pall Mall Barbers - Pliable Clay Pomade - $24.30

    Pliable Clay is the perfect solution for sculpting short textured hair and for creating styles that can be re-worked throughout the day. It is easy to spread on hair using a comb or your hands. The product can be easily washed off using water.

  • Stirling - Tea Tree Shave Soap - $8.00

    Soothe your skin with Stirling's Tea Tree Shave Soap. Made with essential oil Tea Tree, this full lather shave soap is sure to leave your skin feeling pampered & refreshed.

  • Dear Clark - Resurrecting Wash - $24.00

    This is a remarkably soothing shampoo that hydrates your hair without removing the color or damaging your skull. The product hydrates all hair types. Resurrecting wash is formulated with aloe Vera, rose of Jericho and sunflower seed oil.