• Baxter Herbal Mint Toner - 10oz - $18.00

    What is toner and why do I need it? Simply put: the soap you used to clean your face contained oils that are still on your skin. Toner cleanses away that layer while reducing shine and restoring your skin's pH balance that could have been disrupted by certain cleansers. Baxter of California has perfected their formula with this Herbal Mint Toner.

  • Dr. Rubin's Original Pomade - 6oz - $10.00

    There's nothing like the original Dr. Rubin's original pomade formula. Providing a medium firm hold and just enough shine to impress the ladies, you're sure to make this your go-to hair product. Work desired amount between palms, apply evenly and use your favorite comb to style into your favorite look.

  • John Allan's Smoothe - 2.4oz - $18.00

    This silky smooth styling cream will hydrate your hair using its milk proteins, aloe, honey, and carrot root extracts. Perfect for all hair types, the Smoothe is a lightweight flexible styler. Combine with your favorite pomade for a signature style.

  • Luxury Barber Fresh Richie's - 10pk - $10.00

    The well-to-do man finds himself in an ever expanding world of unique and challenging situations. Make sure you're ready for all of them by keeping a Fresh Richie at arm's reach. The small, discreet packaging fits virtually everywhere, whether in your pocket, wallet, or desk drawer. The towel provides a refreshing clean feeling to all your important parts on the go.

  • Luxury Barber Gift Card - $10

    Get $10 off when you use this gift code on any $50 or more LuxuryBarber.com purchase. Did Fresh Richie's just change your life? Did your girl take your Moisture Protect SPF 20 for herself? Order your favorites from this box and our vast selection of grooming products, guaranteed to have what you need.

  • Razorock XXX Shave Soap - 5oz - $15.00

    Razorock's shave soap is made in Italy, combining its signature musk, sandalwood, and oak moss scents for a classic Italian barbershop scent. This solid formula provides ultimate slickness and protection while shaving. Use the Luxury Barber Shaving Brush for best results.

  • Soapy Bath Man Pure Energy Shampoo Bar - 4oz - $10.00

    A shampoo bar? Who would've thought! Rub this on your scalp and hair to penetrate every inch of your scalp for the ultimate cleanse. Infused with an invigorating citrus scent, this shampoo bar is the perfect way to start your daily routine.

  • Tiki Bar Soaps The Captain Aftershave Balm - 6oz - $20.00

    Daily shaving can be harsh on skin. Using this aftershave balm will help sooth razor burn and irritation while keeping your skin buttery soft. The special Land Locked scent is a bright blend of orange, black pepper and a hint of patchouli. Perfect.